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Thank you for joining us for Discovery Arts At-Home! New videos will be available here at the start of each session time. By registering for the Discovery Arts At-Home series, you have access to this exclusive page and videos created especially for special needs populations.

Can't attend one? Don't worry - these videos will remain available here for you for future use! We want this page to be a place of creativity and inspiration for you and anyone participating with you - kids, adults, teachers, or anyone else who can benefit from compassionate and tailor-made arts programs for special needs populations.

Video descriptions will be available in advance with dates and times for their release so you can be the first to watch. We hope you can build these activities into your week to infuse each day with creativity that engages and encourages people of all ages. 

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Music Today “Patterns and Rhythm”

This fun music activity focuses on patterns and rhythms. There is an emphasis on TEKS objectives, like sequencing, ordinal numbers and patterns and developmental objectives that focuses on fine and gross motor development and social skills. Participants identify patterns and clap out rhythms with the game “What Comes Next”.

Joseph Dixon


Music Today: Counting

This fun music activity focuses on counting. There is an emphasis on math TEKS objectives and developmental objectives that focuses on fine and gross motor development and social skills. Participants practice counting to ten, identifying objects and counting using sign language. This activity is presented through Young Audiences of Houston and funded in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Joseph Dixon


Music Today: “The Balafon and Shekere”

This fun engaging activity is designed for special needs participants that are in or transitioning to inclusive classrooms. There is an emphasis on history and cultural TEKS objectives and developmental objectives that focuses on fine and gross motor development and social skills.

Joseph Dixon


Humpty Dumpty’s Rhyme and Rhythm

Humpty Dumpy falls off his wall and does not want to perform at all. After a call to a few nursery rhyme friends their love helps put him back together again.

Twanda's Theatre on Wheels

December 22, 2020

Music Today: “Colors and Shapes”

This fun rhythm activity helps students identify the primary colors and basic shapes, such as squares, triangles and circles. Students will learn about syllables by playing beats of the name of each color and shape. This activity focuses on gross motor development and social skills.

Joseph Dixon

December 18, 2020

Frolicking through the Forest

This class would go on an imaginary journey through a forest and become the animals we see. Students will decide how we navigate past bridges, streams, fallen trees and giant boulders. We may encounter Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! (all friendly of course)

Jalia Movement Arts

December 16, 2020

Wish You Were Here: Creating a Sensory Box for an Instant Imaginary Journey

In this video, learn how to explore your senses and create sensory boxes. First, use your senses to understand opposites and explore a mystery box prepared by a friend. Second, send a friend on an imaginary journey by creating a package that evokes a getaway to the beach, the forest, or somewhere else you'd like to go!

Brave Little Company

December 14, 2020

Vibrations and Sounds! They’re all around

This fun and interactive video will have your young children searching for vibrations and sounds while learning about musical instruments. Participants will be challenged to find objects at home that have special sounds and vibrations all their own.

Tom's Fun Band

December 11, 2020

Music Today: “Big and Small”

A fun lesson to help students understand the concept of big and small and how to compare the two. The lesson involved hands-on activities to make the learning fun and engaging. This fun activity focuses on gross motor development with music and movement and social skills like following directives and taking turns.

Joseph Dixon

December 8, 2020

Seasons of Change

In this class students will move in various ways representing the four seasons of the year. Students will explore questions such as, How does it feel outside in the spring? How do we behave when it is cold? How will our clothing and activities change in winter? And how are our winter clothes different than in summer? This sensory perception will culminate into a short dance created as the class progresses.

Jalia Movement Arts

December 4, 2020

Baby Bear's Beary Bad Day

Baby Bear wakes up in a beary bad mood. He doesn't want to go to school because his hair isn't right his clothes are too tight. However, after having a wonderful day singing, painting, reading books and outdoor play he said it is really cool going to school.

Twanda's Theatre on Wheels

December 1, 2020

Fun Band Dance Party!

Mr. Tom from Tom's Fun Band will have your little one dancing and singing to fun and energetic songs! You'll love that your child is learning and they will love the silly songs that are played just for them. Get ready to learn and dance with this Fun Band Dance Party!

Tom's Fun Bad

November 20, 2020