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about us

YAH Teaching Artist Jean Donatto

History + Mission

Founded in 1956 by Fredell Lack,

Young Audiences of Houston's history remains critical in supporting children through the arts. Today the organization serves 14 Texas counties.

Calmecac Indigenous Organization

Impact + Service

Responsive to the needs of children

across Southeast Texas - we support 297,832 children each year through comprehensive programs

and services.

Young Audiences of Houston School Performance

Vision + Values

Our vision and values remain

guided by the belief in the potential

of every child. 

Young Audiences of Houston - Discovery Arts Program


Our work exists through broad

community partnerships with 231

leading schools and service centers. 

Mary Mettenbrink, Judy Liu, Sanvita Sample

Board + Staff

Leadership through staff and board membership enable our services to

direct support to the arts education ecosystem.

Kucheza Dance Company

Arts Partners

Houston's premier teaching artists

in all arts forms lead learning

through the arts.



Each year 92 volunteers provide 

critical expertise, time, and talent to support our mission.



Financial reports are available 

online through our website and

Guidestar profile.

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