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healing arts programs


For more than 33 years, Young Audiences of Houston has partnered with local children's hospitals and specialized treatment centers serving children to provide free Young Audiences of Houston programming for young patients undergoing treatment. The goal of Young Audiences of Houston’s Healing Arts programming is to use the tremendous power of the arts to spread joy, give hope, manage pain, support treatment, and leave positive memories for hospitalized children and their caregivers. In addition, as many hospitalized children are required to be out of school for extended periods of time, Young Audiences of Houston programs also serve to enrich children’s social, cultural, and academic education. Young Audiences Healing Arts programs also serve youth experiencing homelessness who are tackling their daily challenges. For these groups, the arts become a valuable tool for creation, discovery, expression, hope and healing.

For questions or inquiries please call (713) 520-9264 or email us. 

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