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donor advised funds

What is a Donor Advised Fund?


A donor advised fund account offers a uniquely flexible way to manage your charitable giving. With this account, you can:

  • Realize same-year tax benefits if you itemize deductions

  • Potentially eliminate capital gains tax on the contribution of appreciated non-cash assets and investments

  • Invest account assets for potential tax-free growth, helping you have more to give to charities

  • Give when it is convenient and meets your charitable goals

  • Manage your giving online

  • Create a lasting charitable legacy

How can I donate to Young Audiences of Houston if I've contributed to a DAF?

If you have contributed to a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) via cash, cryptocurrency, stocks, or other assets, you can make a recommendation for the DAF to administer a grant to Young Audiences of Houston. Use the form below to select your DAF, an optional designation for the fund allocation at Young Audiences of Houston (check out some of our initiatives here), and the amount you would like to recommend. 

If you make a funding recommendation for Young Audiences of Houston to your DAF, let us know! Donor Advised Funds are anonymous, so we may not know about your funding recommendation even upon receipt of the funds. We would love to thank you for your contribution - email or call (713) 936-6815 to let us know that you are a DAF contributor seeking to support Young Audiences of Houston.

Questions? Email or call us (713) 520-9264 to learn more about DAFs and other ways to support arts-in-education for Houston youth!

Quick Links for establishing a Donor Advised Fund, contact your bank or community foundation for more information:

Mailing Address:

Young Audiences of Houston

675 Bering Drive Suite 300

Houston, TX 77057

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