community impact testimonials

“We hope to have one of your many artists back to our school in the future. We love having Young Audience actors come out to Becker.”

The Becker School


“The students absolutely adore Mr. Zo! He has such a wonderful way of connecting with them. He gained their undivided attention almost instantly by leading a calming yoga session while the kids waited anxiously for their cue backstage. The students were so excited to perform their dance and were proud when Mr. Zo greeted them after the show with cheers and praise!”

Field Elementary School


“A huge thank you to Abubakr Kouyate and Young Audiences of Houston for the wonderful drumming residency we had at the Central Library in Conroe! It was an amazing program, very informative and interactive, and the teens loved it. We got a lot of great feedback after this program! We hope to have Mr. Kouyate back at our library someday!”

Montgomery County Memorial Library System


"My expectations were exceeded! It blew my mind how attentive the students were and how Young Audiences made everything applicable on a level they could comprehend. This project not only helped them identify appropriate behaviors but also allowed them time to interact with their classmates and demonstrate the targeted skill area they needed to improve upon."

Dobie High School


“I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in the [Arts for Learning Lab] where I worked with a dance teacher to plan lessons together and we co-taught them in my classroom. Her lessons focused on our poetry unit and my kids absolutely loved it! They learned so much about body and movement, that there’s more than one way to answer a question, and there’s more than one way to demonstrate they understand a concept. They loved being able to get up and move around! They also learned terminology like ‘tableau,’ that they never would’ve learned in a typical classroom. I really feel like the kids benefited a lot from the added instruction!”

Rylander Elementary School


“Our workshop with Young Audiences of Houston and Vickie Hayes was not only a learning experience for the students but for me as well. The students learned about collaboration and how to apply what we do in the classroom to real-life and possible career paths. I myself learned how to better facilitate a large-scale collaboration project. It was so joyful to watch the kids’ excitement throughout this project, it has been months since and they are still talking about it. This workshop has been amazing and one of my favorite projects as a teacher!”

South Houston High School

“The partnership with Vickie Hayes and Young Audiences of Houston has allowed the visual arts students at Dobie to be fully immersed in a collaborative endeavor that showcases the entire fine arts program at Dobie. Students have been given a once in a lifetime experience to work alongside a professional artist who inspires, supports, challenges, and encourages them both collectively and individually. Their raw artistic talents partnered with their desire to learn have culminated into a dedicated team of students that are driven to make a lasting impact on Dobie's campus.”

Dobie High School

"I was recently able to view the performance from this year’s camp. Wow!!!! What amazing work you all were able to create with our students. Thank you again for your commitment this summer.  I am so grateful to be part of a group of great educators!" 

Yellowstone Academy

“Come and Explore camp through Young Audiences of Houston was an eye-opening experience for me as an educator. I quickly gained practical activities like role-playing using literature that can be used weekly in my lessons. I learned that the text of literature can come off the pages and come to life through the imagination of my students. The theater aspect of the camp helped our students to have a voice. It empowered them to believe in their ideas and complete a task. The art portion seemed very challenging for our students because they had to trust that their take on an art project was valuable enough to just be great. Overall, I learned how to observe and use the arts to bring the minds of my students and their learning experience to life.”

Yellowstone Academy 


“His music clearly assisted with coping during a painful procedure, facilitated communication between a frightened teen and his doctors, and calmed a young lady feeling overwhelmed but the prospect of yet another operation.”

Texas Children’s Hospital, Renal Services

“I just wanted to let you both know that we were all blown away by our experience yesterday. Both Tony and Luana [Brazilian Arts Foundation Artists] were so friendly and talented and I was really impressed by their skills with working with our students. They were able to quickly read the students and adapt and modify activities for each group. They also quickly incorporated any requests from me or other staff members. The students were all so engaged in every group. They connected with the movements, the music, and the instructors. We couldn’t have been more pleased! Thanks for everything and we would love to have you all again some time!”

The Monarch School


"I would definitely recommend the program and utilizing YAH. We schedule 1-2 programs a year through YAH. Frankenshop was funny and engaging and the students loved it. The program inspired students to use their imagination for creative writing, developing story ideas, pretend play, and utilizing recycled materials to create. This will be helpful for writing and making the Texas requirements for story writing at school."

Rosehill Elementary


“Sherwood really enjoyed the [Dance of Asian America] performances.  The interaction with the students was great.  They loved learning hand gestures and Chinese phrases.  The ladies were talented and the quality of the performance was very professional.”

Sherwood Elementary School


“Young Audiences was wonderful in the development of a one-year program to expose our 7th graders to opera.  We approached them with this need and they worked with the University of Houston to provide on-campus performances throughout our district.  This was not a norm, but rather a creation to help us find a solution. Thank you YAH."

Spring Branch ISD


“Thank you for bringing such wonderful programming to the children at each of our schools during the 2007-2008 academic year. Your services enabled KIPP students to experience theater, music, visual arts, and art history in a number of truly creative and interactive ways."



“They always offer great ideas on how to incorporate the arts into the classroom.''

Roberts Elementary


“Continue the arts integration- it's so important.  The arts synthesize all learning.  Wonderful presentation, Thank you!''

Helms CLC


“My students made historical events come to life through student-made scripts and increased the class percentage passing chapter assessments from 73% to 86%.  The quiet students began to participate more comfortably in front of their peers and became verbally active and involved in group decisions.  I highly recommend this truly enlightening experience to all educators no matter what subject area or grade level they teach.''

Pine Shadows Elementary


“We have absolutely adored every moment that Ms. Donatto has been in the building.  The kids fight over who gets to go to the class."

KIPP: Polaris College Prep Academy for Boys


“We had Becky Valls at the school this morning for Dance of the Insects and enjoyed it SO much! The kids were totally engaged in the program and when I picked the kids up today, all the talk was about the program.  AND...when we got home and got out of the car, they were actually doing their own insect dances on the sidewalk!”

Silvercrest Elementary


“We wanted Young Audiences to know just how much we enjoyed Mrs. Valle's performance.  The children loved it and so did the Teachers.“ “Mrs. Valle's personality and spirit came through her dance and brought the various birds to life.  Her narration of the birds was very informative and at our student's level.  We like her introduction of “bird” vocabulary.  She reinforced the common characteristics of birds with her dance, the poetry, and the music.”

Lee Elementary

“The artists that Young Audiences of Houston provide to the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers bring new experiences to families while waiting for office visits and treatment. Children, both patients, and siblings are exposed to a variety of art forms, learn new skills, and have the opportunity to have some sense of control during their day. Through these programs patients and siblings are seen as children first and are given experiences that brighten their day. The variety of artists that come here are wide and the skills top-notch. As these children grow and finish treatment many talk about the fun things they did and saw while being treated.  We greatly appreciate the support we receive from Young Audiences of Houston."

Texas Children’s Hospital, Cancer and Hematology Center

“On behalf of the Sixth Grade teachers and students at Quail Valley Middle School, THANK YOU [John Keahey] for your time and for bringing a bit of Ancient Greece into our lives today with your presentation.  I believe our students benefit from hearing the “spoken word“ (stories) about history and culture that cannot be duplicated in the pages of a textbook- and to have it come alive in front of them with a character from that time period is especially worthwhile."

Quail Valley Middle School


“Our teachers loved the guide as they will be able to talk with students about the puppetry and use it to link lessons in the class together for an educational project" 

Crockett Elementary


“On behalf of the PTO, thank you so much for your organization's generosity!  We're thrilled to be able to bring both the Renaissance Rock and Jazz Made in America programs to the students of Hamilton. My own child has grown her own interest in music significantly since attending Hamilton and participating in the band.  Bringing these programs to the school should help broaden exposure to our population and will hopefully help them appreciate music in a new light! It wouldn't be possible without your grant's support, so thanks again!”

Hamilton Middle School


“The partnership [with Young Audiences of Houston] has been very beneficial since the artists have been able to provide knowledge and insight into photography and filmmaking which are their specialties (and not mine!). The students also enjoy working with the artists as the artists provide quality feedback and support.”

Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy 


"John Keahey knew his history; provided interesting and factual information; and presented the information in an entertaining format. He was FANTASTIC!!! I want him back next year." 

Schiff Elementary


"The NRG Creatively Green Family Arts Festival provided our families an opportunity to learn more about recycling and ways they can affect a positive change to our environment while having fun creating projects together. Learning is the first step to positive change. It was just amazing to watch our families learn about recycling and how little steps can make a big difference for our planet. It is truly magical to watch the impact of this festival and what it could mean for our community."

Gardens Elementary


"Amazing is not even a true reflection for the Creatively Green Festival sponsored by Young Audiences of Houston and NRG. On behalf of the entire community and staff at Southmayd Elementary, I thank you for the special moment you served for our children who are looking forward to more of these festivals in the future. I truly hope that our collaboration will continue to host another amazing event such as this."

Southmayd Elementary


"I have nothing but positive things to say about Greg's workshop on Monday! It was fun, engaging, educational and my students were absolutely delighted by the entire experience. A few of them return to me in the afternoon for Student Council, and they were disappointed that Greg was no longer there that afternoon! In addition to how wonderfully my students received the workshop, I also took away some valuable tools and material that I will definitely incorporate into future classes and curriculum. I am so glad that I found this opportunity through YA.

KIPP Sharpstown College Prep


"The program is very beneficial and supports our belief that fine arts play a big part in motivating our students to succeed and it allows them to experience performances they might not otherwise have an opportunity to see."

Boone Elementary 


"This opportunity to have Tom’s Fund Band – The Science of Sound was a timely one, as our students are currently studying sound energy. Students were able to ‘see’ sound energy as it relates to the use of instruments. The show was very engaging and entertaining, even for our youngest students. This program explored the TEKS for this unit perfectly. Students were able to go back to class and put their learning to use immediately. The TEKS lesson planner for this activity was perfect and helped teachers to integrate much of what was learned into their pacing guide lessons. I plan on using this program again next year."

Cummings Elementary 


"I think that when you have an opportunity to expose students to cultural experiences and fine arts that they may not be able to see outside of school, you are growing their minds and showing them all the possibilities that this world has to offer. YAH and the diverse cultural programs allow our students to make connections to what they are learning in class in American History and what a person from that time period lived like and the music they listened to."

Hamilton Middle School

"The kiddos LOVE Young Audiences!! We are thankful for your hard work in putting together such a high-quality program for our students! Your program gives some students the opportunity to participate in programming that they may not have the chance to participate in. I am truly thankful."

HYPE Freedom Schools

"Albert George Branch Library loves YAH! [We] have not been disappointed with any of the programs [we] have chosen in the past. Each performance is very interactive and creative!"

Albert George Branch Library

"The Paragon Brass Ensemble's presentation today was fantastic! They were one of the best presenting groups we've ever had here! They kept the students' interest and taught the students about the basics of music, all while playing great music and teaching about 'teamwork'. I highly recommend them!"

Aristoi Classical Academy
"Jean's level of enthusiasm was perfect for the storytime. She included children and parents!"
Children's Museum of Houston, Fort Bend
"A huge thank you to you and your team for the amazing performance. You helped make Multicultural Day one of the best ones yet! Students and staff are still talking about it!!"
James Bowie Middle School