"The group performed flawlessly before approximately 800 people for a 45-minute show, carefully explaining each dance, the music and the dress before performing. The educational element was excellent because it put the dances and the music in context. So many times we see the dances but do not know the story behind them, where in Mexico they come from, the significance of the style of dress, and the origins of the music. This time, Jose Sada carefully explained what we were about to see and hear and then performed very well. I received many compliments and congratulations throughout the day about how much everyone, young and old alike, enjoyed and gained from the performance."

Alex Bruton, Episcopal High School


"It was fun to see the students getting into the movements and actions deeply. Initially, when called upon to perform, they exhibited shyness and hesitation. But by the end of the 4th session, with all the ample opportunities for mini-performances, they were into the arts/acting/performing/using imagination creatively as an aspect of poetry and idioms!"

Kalpana Subbarao, YAH Teaching Artist

"We have so enjoyed having Young Audiences on our campus!  The teachers and students have had the opportunity to build strong connections to content through creativity.  I have had the opportunity to visit four classrooms and the experiences have been amazing – the students are so engaged!  Thank you again for coordinating these meaningful experiences for our campus."

         Holly Conroy, Principal, French Elementary, Klein ISD

"Students were able to catch on to songs very quickly and learned all the words by the time the performance came. They enjoyed singing and they loved Ms. Teacake. The support we received from Young Audiences helped make show day so much more special. The kids were provided lunch and family and friends got to enjoy Kona Ice after the show. It was awesome!"
          Keyana Wilson, Children's Program Supervisor, Buckner Family Hope Center

"The flexibility and adjustment to the students' needs day-of programming was a great strength of our YAH workshop. They [students] were particularly stressed to be in school during their spring break and Miss Breaker was able to give them reflective and expressive outlets for them. Miss Breaker was also able to provide 1-on-1 academic and college counseling for one of our attending seniors. She destigmatized and laid out some options for the student to pursue in the short term to set her up for success this coming fall."

         Ricki Ayala, Program Manager with Center for Urban Transformation, Wheatley High School

"The kids LOVED the performances and the letters from William Shakespeare! As you see, some even replied and brought them for me to send to Robin Goodfellow. They were especially excited about the books you sent for our library. That was so kind of you! Thank you for all you've done to bring literature to life at Central Elementary in Palacios, Texas. Hope to see you again, next year!"

        Ms. Sheila, Teacher at Central Elementary, Palacios ISD

"It [ the workshop ] included everybody (all age groups). It did not require previous knowledge. It was easy to follow and it was a lot of fun for all the people who participated. Everybody was participating from students to teachers. Even the principal came to participate with us. There was a girl with a heavy handicap in a wheelchair and she really had fun listening and clapping. It was the first time I was doing this in school. Everybody had a blast. Many people asked questions about drumming. It was good for everybody from little kids who came with their parents, to the students to adults. Thank you."

        Frederique Will, Teacher, Kempner High School, Fort Bend ISD

"I would like to thank you for your help coming to our campus a couple of weeks ago. I was able to visit with her during one of her sessions and was very impressed with the way she taught our students. We really appreciate the support from your organization." 

Erik Torres, Principal, Aldine ISD

“Each of our students have a powerful story to tell, and Alief ISD is grateful to be a partner in Young Audiences of Houston’s impactful efforts to provide arts-based learning to Houston youth. YAH’s programs have consistently provided our students with exciting new ways to learn, explore, and grow together while helping them become well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.”

Tameka Abernathy, Alief ISD, Afterschool

"Young Audiences of Houston's programs give students a healthy outlet for expression that they don't always have."

Dr. Don Beck, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools, Channelview ISD

"Young Audiences Houston has been a marvelous and consistent addition to our programming, especially through our COVID19 adaptations. It was wonderful having programming offered in native languages when it was possible, and through the universal language of music and movement when it was not. Knowing that we have Young Audiences each week always excites our residents, young and old!"

Ronald McDonald House Houston


“Being a mentor felt like a privilege because I was a role model to the student. It meant a great deal to me to be able to help and encourage the students.”

Michelle Mai, 11th Grade, Volunteer High School Mentor


“It was such a wonderful celebration of our partnership with Young Audiences and we look forward to continuing that work together in the coming year.”

Ryan Dolibois, Executive Director, Yellowstone Academy

“I want to express my gratitude to Young Audiences Houston for its continued support of its teaching artists. I’ve never worked for an organization that went the extra mile the way that Young Audiences does. I really appreciate you!”

Liz Conces-Spencer, YAH Teaching Artist


“I had a fabulous visit last night at the Montrose Grace Place with Keisha. She has such an incredible rapport with the youth. It was very hard to believe that this was only their second week together.”

Kittra Hewitt, Harris County Department of Education


“Our YAH teaching artist had fabulous ideas and the kids loved all of the sensory things she brought to teach them the lesson. It added so much more to the lesson. I will start doing that more in my class!”

Ashley Hudek, Pre-K Teacher, Klein ISD


“The After- School Program brought an array of activities and exposure to our young inspiring students. It has truly been a pleasure working with you and the talented artist that you have provided.”

Arlene Kennerson, Testing and Activities Coordinator, Texas Serenity Academy, (Gano Campus)


“We hope to have one of your many artists back at our school in the future. We love having Young Audience actors come out to Becker.”

Parent, The Becker School

“Mr. Russo is very professional and his calmness has worked very well with our students. The students are always looking forward to doing crafts with Mr. Russo.”

Monica Gilliam, Chancellor Elementary School (Alief ISD)


“The dancers from Dance Afrikana were phenomenal and although students viewed virtually, we knew they were engaged by reactions in different classrooms. The interactive portion also had a high number of participants! Our students were really engaged and listening.”

Felicia Woodard, Thomas KIPP Sharpstown