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"The interaction with the students was a huge hit. The energy was high so it kept the kids interested. Fun all around!"

     Cy Fair ISD, Black Elementary School

"The youth/young adults that come to Grace Place in the evenings are tired and worn out from a long day of work, school, appointments, etc so they really value a creative, go at your own pace activity like Gerard provided. Charcoal drawing and pointalism are two types of art they might not otherwise get to engage in."

     Montrose Grace Place

"Performing Art education programs across the nation are lacking for a myriad of reasons, especially in communities that are underserved and/or are considered low-income. It is imperative that alternatives are offered, and Young Audiences of Houston fills this void."

     Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

"It's very important for teens to have positive nurturing activities and Young Audiences of Houston provides that."

     Buckner Family Hope Center

"I believe that YA is important because it provides a space for youths to self-express, it contributes to faster development in reading and language skills and just contributing to the overall growth and learning experience of children."

     Cleme Manor: Houston

"The artist was very attentive to the children and her program captured their attention for the entire duration - no small feat in a room full of young children at a fast-paced festival. She was timely, professional, and highly skilled, a perfect fit for our school and students. They will remember this experience for years to come!"

    Bayou Village School


"I wanted to reach out to let you know that it’s been a pure pleasure working with you these last 2 years as the Wraparound Specialist at Cullen MS. Watching the students and families benefit from your programming, resources, and services provided has been nothing short of amazing. The impact will never be forgotten! "

     Cullen Middle School, Houston ISD

"I absolutely love our collaboration and your willingness to find a way to make these workshops happen. Especially when our budget does not allow for us to do this. I know the kids love the 'mental escape' during the holiday season when they find themselves in detention instead of home with their families. What an outlet for them. I can't thank you enough, from us and the juveniles!"

       Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Center


"I was very satisfied with the overall performances and workshop. I had several students show me their artwork and every time I passed by they seemed busy. I had rave reviews about the performers from my principal and assistant principal. I had a student tell me he was going to dance like them when he grew up. Again, thank you."

       Garcia Middle School, Aldine ISD


"My heart is so full of happiness that this was able to be provided for our kids. I'm speechless, I say all that because this is a wonderful experience for our community and most importantly our kids. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."

        Ross Sterling Middle School, Humble ISD

"My school took PK-1st to last Thursday’s performance and it was wonderful! It was at the highest level—the dancers, the music, the movement for the audience, the poetry, the information about insects presented in a meaningful and impactful way, and the inclusion of children from the audience in the performance.


"We so appreciate the excellent conception and execution that was exhibited by all involved in this piece and we look forward to attending more Young Audience performances!"

Trafton Academy

"The quality of creative, educational, and cultural programming has attracted new and multifaceted people to our gardens."

        Mercer Botanic Gardens

"Working with wiggly Pre-K students to fifth graders who are 'too cool for school' can be a challenge, but Dan [Gordon] and Jean [Donatto] were able to hold each group's attention and make the stories come alive. These folks know how to excite, inform and entertain students. Thank you for sharing their gifts and talents with us!"

          Librarian, Herod Elementary School, Houston ISD

"The children ran to me with excitement to tell me about their creation. And then showing their pieces to their parents as they were picked up from program. The smile on the children's faces, as they created their pieces, said it all! The children's interest and interaction with the workshop were amazing. We had a lot of "ahhh's" moments from excitement created by screen art created."  

          Program Coordinator, Neighbors in Action

"The greatest strength of the program was the creative interaction, opportunity and encouragement allowed for each child to express themselves through art. Mr. Bishop assure that each student understood that there is an artist in each child. No one is alike and it's okay to have a different piece of art."

          Teacher, Aldine ISD Hill ES 

"Students could get an outside opinion and outlook on someone who is successful in the their profession and that it is a viable career path. Our school doesn't prioritize the arts to get the recognition it deserves, so being involved in this program allows access to not only professionals but a new world of opportunity that I don't fully think students understand themselves. It was a wonderful session and I hope to book even more sessions in the future!"

           Fine Arts Teacher, Liberty High School, Liberty ISD

"The greatest strength of the program is that it gets students practicing their language and acting skills. Additionally, the program is thought provoking for students because it covers topics [including] safety, kindness, and culture."

        Teacher, Escamilla Elementary School

"Thanks for the excellent educational experience you gave to our students! It is so nice to be able to bring history into the classroom in such a relatable way."
Spring Branch Academic Institute, Spring Branch ISD

"Hope has been working with our younger Special Education class and it has been wonderful to expose the students to art and music. Through this exposure, we have been able to gain students' attention and add a new spin on some things that students were already covering." 
Braeburn Elementary, Houston ISD

"I am forever grateful for the partnership we have established. As always the students and myself at Kashmere are enjoying the Wraparound Self-Care Lounge as well as the intervention that Young Audience is providing.”

         Kashmere High School, Houston ISD

"The program was very interactive which engaged the children's attention. Joseph was amazing! "  

          Montessori Country Day School - Crawford Campus

"Twanda provided students a chance to learn about African artifacts and they were able to look at her beautiful display. Her creativity is outstanding!"

          Jessie Hinojosa Ec/Pre-K/ K School, Aldine ISD

"The attire and dancing were both beautiful. [The Essence of Mexico] We always appreciate the timely responses when looking to book a performance!"

          James Bowie Middle School, Fort Bend ISD


"I’m not really an arts and crafts person, never have been. But Danny made this project so much fun by putting a unique twist on it. it brought back a lot of really great memories. Thank you for that." 
      Cavalcade Community Center, Harris County Precinct One

"I’m SO excited! It's ALWAYS a pleasure connecting with you! Young Audiences Houston has such a heart for the scholars and I can't say how much I appreciate you all for keeping our Cullen scholars in mind!"
Cullen Middle School, Houston ISD

"Uniqueness of shadow puppetry and Greg's ability to present stories in a fast-paced, age-appropriate manner for a group of 4 - 7 year olds was the greatest strength of this program. Greg was a delight! He was interesting to listen to, read the kids and their attention-span perfectly, and adjusted accordingly. Kids left commenting about how they wanted to go home and make puppets!”
          Silvercrest Elementary, Pearland ISD


“I think it was incredible for the students to see the culture they presented, especially the connection between the Spanish language and traditions and the Nahuatl.  Teaching the language through song was incredible. Our students don't often get the opportunity to be immersed in another culture.  They were fascinated, and it was so amazing to see them joining in the singing and dancing.  After, some of the students were trying to make clothing similar to what they saw.  They'll never forget this! Thank you!  We hope to have you back sometime!”
    St. Mary Catholic School

"The students enjoyed the plot and enjoyed the jokes and action! They said “it was good”.  They talked about the play with enthusiasm and were attentive the whole time. The cast said they laughed at jokes in the play that they didn’t expect them to. They [The Ensemble Theatre] are definitely welcome to come back and perform for us. Students could relate to the plot and enjoyed it. Thanks for teaching and entertaining at the same time."

        Lakeview Elementary School Principal, Port Arthur ISD 

"The greatest strength of the program was having one of the participants going from not wanting to participate to engaging in all the activities and enjoying each one. One of our participants did not want to engage in the activities of the workshop. Ms. Rae was so amazing in the professional and fun way that she presented the class that the participant ended up engaging in every single activity and had fun! Always a pleasure to have Young Audiences of Houston workshops at our center. Such a wonderful experience for the children."

Neighbors in Action

"Keeping the juveniles engaged and interested was the greatest strength of the program. We love working with YA, communication and programs are very flexible, accurate, timely, efficient."

Fort Bend Juvenile Detention Center

"The artist encouraged student involvement to keep the students attention especially for the age group. She redirected the students well when off track."

Windsor Village Elementary School

"The group performed flawlessly before approximately 800 people for a 45-minute show, carefully explaining each dance, the music and the dress before performing. The educational element was excellent because it put the dances and the music in context. So many times we see the dances but do not know the story behind them, where in Mexico they come from, the significance of the style of dress, and the origins of the music. This time, Jose Sada carefully explained what we were about to see and hear and then performed very well. I received many compliments and congratulations throughout the day about how much everyone, young and old alike, enjoyed and gained from the performance."

Episcopal High School


"It was fun to see the students getting into the movements and actions deeply. Initially, when called upon to perform, they exhibited shyness and hesitation. But by the end of the 4th session, with all the ample opportunities for mini-performances, they were into the arts/acting/performing/using imagination creatively as an aspect of poetry and idioms!"

Kalpana Subbarao, YAH Teaching Artist

"We have so enjoyed having Young Audiences on our campus!  The teachers and students have had the opportunity to build strong connections to content through creativity.  I have had the opportunity to visit four classrooms and the experiences have been amazing – the students are so engaged!  Thank you again for coordinating these meaningful experiences for our campus."

         French Elementary, Klein ISD

"Students were able to catch on to songs very quickly and learned all the words by the time the performance came. They enjoyed singing and they loved Ms. Teacake. The support we received from Young Audiences helped make show day so much more special. The kids were provided lunch and family and friends got to enjoy Kona Ice after the show. It was awesome!"
          Buckner Family Hope Center

"The flexibility and adjustment to the students' needs day-of programming was a great strength of our YAH workshop. They [students] were particularly stressed to be in school during their spring break and Miss Breaker was able to give them reflective and expressive outlets for them. Miss Breaker was also able to provide 1-on-1 academic and college counseling for one of our attending seniors. She destigmatized and laid out some options for the student to pursue in the short term to set her up for success this coming fall."

         Wheatley High School, Houston ISD

"The kids LOVED the performances and the letters from William Shakespeare! As you see, some even replied and brought them for me to send to Robin Goodfellow. They were especially excited about the books you sent for our library. That was so kind of you! Thank you for all you've done to bring literature to life at Central Elementary in Palacios, Texas. Hope to see you again, next year!"

        Central Elementary, Palacios ISD

"It [ the workshop ] included everybody (all age groups). It did not require previous knowledge. It was easy to follow and it was a lot of fun for all the people who participated. Everybody was participating from students to teachers. Even the principal came to participate with us. There was a girl with a heavy handicap in a wheelchair and she really had fun listening and clapping. It was the first time I was doing this in school. Everybody had a blast. Many people asked questions about drumming. It was good for everybody from little kids who came with their parents, to the students to adults. Thank you."

        Kempner High School, Fort Bend ISD

"I would like to thank you for your help coming to our campus a couple of weeks ago. I was able to visit with her during one of her sessions and was very impressed with the way she taught our students. We really appreciate the support from your organization." 

Principal, Aldine ISD

“Each of our students have a powerful story to tell, and Alief ISD is grateful to be a partner in Young Audiences of Houston’s impactful efforts to provide arts-based learning to Houston youth. YAH’s programs have consistently provided our students with exciting new ways to learn, explore, and grow together while helping them become well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.”

Alief ISD - Afterschool Program

"Young Audiences of Houston's programs give students a healthy outlet for expression that they don't always have."

Channelview ISD

"Young Audiences Houston has been a marvelous and consistent addition to our programming, especially through our COVID19 adaptations. It was wonderful having programming offered in native languages when it was possible, and through the universal language of music and movement when it was not. Knowing that we have Young Audiences each week always excites our residents, young and old!"

Ronald McDonald House Houston


“Being a mentor felt like a privilege because I was a role model to the student. It meant a great deal to me to be able to help and encourage the students.”

Michelle Mai, 11th Grade, Volunteer High School Mentor


“It was such a wonderful celebration of our partnership with Young Audiences and we look forward to continuing that work together in the coming year.”

Yellowstone Academy

“I want to express my gratitude to Young Audiences Houston for its continued support of its teaching artists. I’ve never worked for an organization that went the extra mile the way that Young Audiences does. I really appreciate you!”

Liz Conces-Spencer, YAH Teaching Artist


“I had a fabulous visit last night at the Montrose Grace Place with Keisha. She has such an incredible rapport with the youth. It was very hard to believe that this was only their second week together.”

Harris County Department of Education


“Our YAH teaching artist had fabulous ideas and the kids loved all of the sensory things she brought to teach them the lesson. It added so much more to the lesson. I will start doing that more in my class!”

Klein ISD


“The After- School Program brought an array of activities and exposure to our young inspiring students. It has truly been a pleasure working with you and the talented artist that you have provided.”

Texas Serenity Academy, (Gano Campus)


“We hope to have one of your many artists back at our school in the future. We love having Young Audience actors come out to Becker.”

The Becker School

“Mr. Russo is very professional and his calmness has worked very well with our students. The students are always looking forward to doing crafts with Mr. Russo.”

Chancellor Elementary School (Alief ISD)


“The dancers from Dance Afrikana were phenomenal and although students viewed virtually, we knew they were engaged by reactions in different classrooms. The interactive portion also had a high number of participants! Our students were really engaged and listening.”

KIPP Sharpstown

“I think that Young Audiences fills in a gap and a void that most schools have concerning the arts. In addition to the typical musicals and plays, I see we can use your organization for more exposure to the arts and music. It is important to have an organization you can reach out to so one can expand the learning process."

St. Francis Episcopal School

“My heart is so full of happiness that this was able to be provided for our kids. I'm speechless, I say all that because this is a wonderful experience for our community and most importantly our kids. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."

Humble ISD

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