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scheduling information

How do I schedule a Young Audiences program?


Phone: 713.520.9264


If you call to schedule a program and get our voicemail, please leave a detailed message of your program interests and the best time for us to reach you with your call back number. Our Scheduling Coordinator will respond to you by the next business day. We are here to make your life easier and this experience as streamlined as possible. Please tell us what you need and we are HAPPY to help. 


How will I know when the program I scheduled is confirmed?

We recommend that you schedule programs as early in the school year as possible to reserve the artists and dates of your preference. After the artist has verified his/her availability, we will confirm the details with you by phone or e-mail.


Upon program confirmation, you will receive a Young Audiences of Houston Information Packet that will include an Invoice/Performance Agreement, a Curriculum Connections Guide, and a Young Audiences of Houston Evaluation Form. Please make sure all equipment needs listed on the Invoice/Performance Agreement or Tech Rider are met by the date of the program. The Young Audiences of Houston artist will call no later than 72 hours in advance to confirm the program. If you don't receive this call, please notify our office immediately. 

What type of program is right for my students?

There are many ways for your students to participate in creative art-making and/or see a live performance. Below are some broad categories of programming. 

  • Performances: For a student assembly, performances introduce students to an art form or culture through a balance of demonstration and student interaction.

  • Workshops: Hands-on workshops bring together individual artists to encourage students to actively discover their own artistic potential. Ideal for after school, library, or community center programs. Most workshops are project-based.

  • Residencies: Offer experiences implemented by a specialized teaching artist. Residencies are multiple, participatory workshops and require a minimum of 3 sequential sessions per student group, and can be expanded into semester-long projects. Residencies take place in partnership with the classroom teacher and either focus on arts-integration or the artistic process.

Who is in charge of classroom management?

For all workshops, residencies, and performances, a licensed teacher or a school administrator representative must be present in the room at all times. For sites that are not schools, a representative from the site must be present during the workshop/residency/performance at all times. There are no exceptions to this policy.

What is the Curriculum Connections Guide?

Young Audiences of Houston has prepared a Curriculum Connections guide for each performance that detail goals and objectives, TEKS curriculum ties, discussion ideas, extension activities, vocabulary words, and teacher resources. These guides provide the teacher with supplemental information to integrate the arts into the classroom. Activity guides can be downloaded from our website, and one will be included in your information packet after booking a program. We encourage teachers to utilize this resource for classroom extensions before and after each YAH program to enhance the learning experience. Please make copies of this guide and distribute to the educators, parents, and administrators prior to every YAH program.

What about supplies?

When a workshop or residency requires supplies to be provided by the school or site, the contact person will be sent a detailed list of required items when the workshop is initially booked. These materials are a crucial component of many programs. Artists are available to discuss these needs with the school or site if requested. Some programs require a per-student supply fee. Our Scheduling Coordinator will provide you will the fee associated with each program when scheduling and what it will cover.


What about mileage?

When a performance, residency, or workshop requires travel of more than 30 miles one-way, we charge a mileage fee to cover the artist's travel. Our Scheduling Coordinator will provide you will the fee when scheduling.

What forms of payment does YAH accept?

Checks made payable to Young Audiences or by Credit Card – Amex, Visa, MasterCard accepted.

When is the payment due?

Once you receive your information packet, please return your invoice along with your payment to the Young Audiences of Houston office. Payment must be received at least 14 days before the scheduled program. If payment is not received by that date, the program may be canceled. Please do not give payments to the artist at the scheduled event, as they are not authorized to accept payments. If your payment is late please notify our scheduling coordinator as soon as possible.

How much do performances cost? 

Performance prices vary by program and can be seen along with each program listing. 

How much do workshops and residencies cost?​​

Workshops and residency pricing is standardized. Check and see if your preferred residency requires a minimum number of sessions or teaching artists. 


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