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arts + education programs



These innovative programs introduce students to the arts through a balance of demonstration and student interaction. Each performance is aligned with the Texas State standards and incorporates dance, music, theatre, or storytelling.



Residencies are multiple, participatory workshops that take place during the school day. Residencies take place in partnership with the classroom teacher and either focus on arts-integration or the

artistic process.



Hands-on workshops bring together individual artists to encourage students to actively discover their own artistic potential. Ideal for after school, library, or community center programs. Most workshops are product based.

After School Dance Program with Young Audiences of Houston

After School

Our programs are implemented by

trained artists in dance, visual arts,

music, literary arts, digital media and theater. Over the course of the program, students explore and experience the complete artistic process of creation, development and performance by applying their new skills.

Professional Development

Professional development workshops are delivered specifically by professional artists who have a passion for making the arts accessible for all ages and types of learners, while making the teaching and learning process more creative and personal along the way.




Our programs are tailored to fit your needs and are offered in-school, after school, during the summer, and in public spaces. Programs are TEKS-Aligned and support PK-12 students.

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