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Total Children Served: 254,670; At-Risk Children Served: 92%; Economically Disadvantaged Served: 87%; Title 1 Schools Served: 89%; English Language Learners Served: 38%; Adults and Community Members Served: 82,544


Hispanic: 51%; Black: 36%; White: 9%; Asian and Pacific Islander: 1%; Two or More Races: 2%.


Total # of Volunteers: 71; Total # of Artists Served: 186; Total # of Educators Served: 1,552; Total # of Programs & Services: 3,918; Total # of Sites Served: 218


  • Provide free educationally aligned arts programs for children

  • Ensure cultural awareness and acceptance

  • Provide campus and principal leadership support

  • Provide free arts-based programs for at-risk and incarcerated youth

  • Recruit and train high-quality teaching artists

  • Provide evaluations of programs for social/emotional, engagement, and educational standards

  • Provides parents and families with at-home art kits and lessons

  • Connecting and collaborating with artists and school districts around the Houston area

  • Providing children with the opportunity to learn more about art and the variety of art forms

  • Giving children the chance to express their voice and ideas through their artwork

  • Proving that art exposure has a lasting and positive impact on the lives of children as they continue to grow and give back to their communities

  • Making the arts an integral part of the current school curriculum

  • Delivering free accessibility to programs for children and families in hospitals

  • Training educators and teachers on how to implement art-based activities and strategies in the classroom

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