impact + service

YAH Program Reach

Total Children Served: 140,082

At-Risk Children Served: 88%

Economically Disadvantaged Served: 79%

Title 1 Schools Served: 89%

English Language Learners Served: 32%


Public Schools: 135

Independent Schools: 22 (Private and Independent)

Charter Schools: 9

Community-Based: 31 (Libraries, Juvenile Detention Centers, Hospitals, etc.)


Hispanic: 51%

African American: 28%

Caucasian: 12%

Asian-Pacific Islander: 6%

Other: 2%


Total # of Volunteers: 147

Total # of Artists Served: 264

Total # of Programs & Services: 2,056

Total # of Sites Served: 197

IMPACT REPORT (2019-2020)

Download a copy HERE

  1. Provide free educationally aligned arts programs for children

  2. Ensure cultural awareness and acceptance

  3. Provide campus and principal leadership support

  4. Provide free arts-based programs for at-risk and incarcerated youth

  5. Recruit and train high-quality teaching artists

  6. Provide evaluations of programs for social/emotional, engagement, and educational standards

  7. Provides parents and families with at-home art kits and lessons

  8. Connecting and collaborating with more than 264 artists and more than 50 school districts around the Houston area

  9. Providing children with the opportunity to learn more about art and the variety of art forms

  10. Giving children the chance to express their voice and ideas through their artwork

  11. Proving that art exposure has a lasting and positive impact on the lives of children as they continue to grow and give back to their communities

  12. Making the arts an integral part of the current school curriculum

  13. Delivering free accessibility to programs for children and families in hospitals

  14. Training educators and teachers on how to implement art-based activities and strategies in the classroom