living mural project


This unique program combines visual arts and horticulture to create a living mural for the selected schools and their community. The program is designed to utilize the arts to provide the participants the inspiration, interest, and opportunity to connect to nature through gardening.

Through a series of arts-integrated workshops, participants of the program:
  • Design a garden mural for the school utilizing patterns and contrasting colors
  • Select and plant an array of plants
  • Learn to care for the garden
  • Maintain and grow their community garden
  • Host a community unveiling of the mural and provide family take-home guides on creating their own living mural
  • Make meaningful connections between horticulture and the arts and creativity



“We so appreciate the initiative that Danny Russo took on our campus - the time he took to get things working so and the leadership role he took with the kids. I think that while the kids may have gotten a little tired at the end, they have had an amazing experience and their knowledge has really grown. I’d love to talk with you as the project wraps up to see how we might embark on such a project in the future.”

– Amy Medefesser, Art Teacher at Furr High


“This was a wonderful project and energized our students, teachers, and parent community. Seeing everyone working in the Rucker garden, to bring it life, was magical. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Danny (Russo) and Young Audiences to bring this multi-disciplinary experience to our school. We hope to continue this type of program and hope others get to experience it as well.”

– Bernadette Blanco, Principal at Rucker Elementary 

“The program was very educational and diverse for the students that normally would not have an interest in gardening. The students really looked forward to Mr. Russo coming every day. The staff on campus actually started looking for the next thing that he was going to bring and help the students plant. The fact that the artist was very well prepared and patient with the scholars was very key in this project.”

– Danesa Samuels, Wraparound Specialist at Barrick Elementary