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arts for learning collaborative (ALC)


The Arts for Learning Collaborative (ALC), formerly Arts for Learning Lab, is a cohort of teaching artists and classroom teachers dedicated to best teaching practices in the field of arts integration. ALC is a year-long training cohort encompassing approximately 40 hours of training and classroom implementation to support foundational arts-integration knowledge and strategies for implementation. This program provides compensated training for artist and educators who complete the program.

Classroom teachers and Teaching Artists accepted into the ALC Cohort will learn arts integration implementation skills through an approach that includes professional development, modeling, observation, co-teaching, and mentoring in a collaborative setting. Educators are paired with Teaching Artist for a hands-on learning experience. This program provides compensated training for artist and educators who complete the program and includes TEA-approved PD hours for educators. 

Educator ALC Application (2024-2025) -->> ONLINE APPLICATION

Please email us with questions or call (713) 936-6815.

Why our Participants chose the Arts for Learning Collaborative Program:

"I have been teaching students in college for a long time, so I want to teach students of a wider range of ages and backgrounds. In order to do that, I think we need to develop and learn more educational methods that are suitable for the environment and level. For example, it seems that we need to study how to develop a curriculum and content suitable for younger ages and how to deliver it effectively. It would also be good to interact with artists from different fields and develop classes together." -Irene Ko, 2022-2023 ALC Teaching Artist 

"The greatest strength of the program was how seamlessly the artists engaged the students with fine art and history while getting them on their feet and being creative and making their own stories. The students learned about history and language arts while getting to create and use their imagination. I integrate Language Arts into my class in terms of analyzing a script, writing stories with beginning, middle, and end, and improvising scenes with conflicts and resolution." - 2022-2023 Collaborating Educator, Braeburn Elementary 

"I hope to learn different ways on how to create a lesson plan. Having a lesson plan written down on paper does not just aide me on gathering materials prior to the session. It could also help the session run smoothly for both the kids and the teaching artist. Being an autistic person, I get a little nervous when all eyes are on me while presenting. However, as I gain more experience over time as a teaching artist and planning, I will gradually become more comfortable while presenting." - Rachel Moran, 2022-2023 ALC Teaching Artist 

"I am here to get a better understanding or framework of arts integration and how to better implement dance into education." -Cristy Jamison, 2022-2023 ALC Teaching Artist 

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