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houston arts partners

A request was presented to Young Audiences of Houston in July 2009 from Houston area education administrators for a more efficient and effective method to access arts educational resources in Houston. By mobilizing Houston art organizations and education leaders into collaborative steering committees, and by creating a unique partnership that would provide the level of service educators and administrators of Houston were requesting, the Houston Arts Partners coalition was formed. The first support to launch this collaborative effort was generously supported by the National YA Office.


In 2010, Young Audiences of Houston sponsored a launch party at the International House of Blues to invited guests to introduce the website and consortium. Since 2010 the Houston Arts Partners coalition has grown to include arts & cultural institutions from across the region, higher-education institutions, regional school districts, and local city government agencies. This unprecedented collaborative unites organizations, individuals, and leaders across all sectors to tackle the arts crisis and to ensure Houston remains a national leader in creative learning and arts education for future generations.


For nine years, Houston Arts Partners members have been collectively leading the Houston Arts Partners Conference. This conference hosts over 400+ educators and administrators from around Texas to explore the different ways to create access to the arts for students by supplying dynamic, innovative, interactive, evidence-based and innovative presentations on how the fine arts are vital to every school. This conference combines inspiring lectures and arguments for the power of the arts from national arts-in-education leaders from around the country and spotlights Houston's vast arts and cultural sectors leading these efforts.


To learn more about the conference, partners, and ways you can get involved please visit

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