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self care lab


The Young Audiences of Houston Self Care Lab is a transformative Healing Arts program on campus where students are involved in creating and transforming a physical space into a haven for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. The Self Care Lab is an inclusive space where students and staff experience Healing Arts with YAH Teaching Artists through mediation, sensory activities, group discussion, self-exploration, writing and reflection, poetry, visual art, music, movement, and other restorative practices. Class goals are curated through a collaboration with campus support staff and YAH Programs Team. The Self Care Lab provides each campus with a long-term residency in the form of a dedicated physical space where students are either sent by referral or attend during or after school in collaboration with campus teachers and YAH Teaching Artists year-round. Workshops and Residencies are aligned with TEKS through YAH's SEL Curriculum.


Self Care Lab Goals:

  • provide students with mental health support and best practices for wellness

  • demonstrate positive change

  • provide student access to healing arts programs 

  • increased student graduation rates

  • increase student attendance rates

  • increase student engagement 

  • increase student mental health awareness 

  • increase academic success

  • decrease truancy

  • decrease drop out rates

  • decrease referral rates and disciplinary action

  • decrease in and out of school suspensions and expulsions

  • decrease physical altercations

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